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Many of these will be repeats of fictions posted under specific anime sections.  So if you've already read them... I'll put it up under notes... No OC couplings found here... only canon and alternative. Oh, and only strictly fluff, if it's got real plot it gets stuck under the specific anime.


"It Could've Gone Worse (but not much)"

Takuya and Zoe are on their first date.  But it could be going better.  See, they decided to go to the digital world and… well, Zoe has a fan club (and Takuya thinks at one point that she’s being attacked and dives for cover taking her with him), and Takuya has Bokomon; JP is lurking in the shadows, and Koji wants brother advice from his best friend.  Plus there’s some of the typical Zoe/Takuya stuff.  But it all ends well.  T+Z (obviously)

rating: G            genre: humor/romance        pairings: Takuya+Zoe           

anime: Digimon Season 4 (Frontier)               notes: also up under DM4 fanfiction



        This is an Inuyasha fic...  It is ten years after Sesshoumaru found Rin (or Rin found Sesshoumaru).  Sesshoumaru is plagued by doubt and decides to conduct an experiment that backfires terribly, nearly separating him from Rin forever!  Warning: Sess+Rin pairing, straight up romance story...

Ch 1: Fateful Experiment

Ch 2: Rin's Revelation

Ch 3: Sensation

Ch 4: Separation

Ch 5: True Emotion

rating: G            genre: romance        pairings: Sess+Rin, Kag+Inu           

anime: Inuyasha            notes: set ten years after Sess found Rin; also posted under IY fanfiction


Weaknesses: by Sanela

        Kirara was injured in battle, leaving Sango feeling... inadequate. Can a lecherous monk calm her fears and restore her self worth?  One-shot. Rated for the implication of swearing and for Miroku's wandering hand...

rating: PG            genre: romance        pairings: Mir+San           

notes: written by Sanela, edited by Andrea; also under IY fiction



        Inuyasha's parents are long dead, but their story lives on.  It is a story of hope, love, joy, tragedy, and especially... compassion.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3
Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6

rating: PG            genre: romance/tragedy        pairings: Inutaisho+Izayoi           

notes: rated for mild romance and a brief, very vague, discussion about mating.  Officially canon universe, but much creative license taken in filling in the blanks.   Also under IY fiction