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        This fic is ten years after Sesshoumaru found Rin (or Rin found Sesshoumaru).  Sesshoumaru is plagued by doubt and decides to conduct an experiment that backfires terribly, nearly separating him from Rin forever!  Warning: Sess+Rin pairing, straight up romance story...

Ch 1: Fateful Experiment

Ch 2: Rin's Revelation
Ch 3: Sensation Ch 4: Separation
Ch 5: True Emotion  

rating: G            genre: romance        pairings: Sess+Rin, Kag+Inu, Mir+San (just a little)           

notes: set ten years after Sess found Rin


Weaknesses: by Sanela

        Kirara was injured in battle, leaving Sango feeling... inadequate. Can a lecherous monk calm her fears and restore her self worth?  One-shot. Rated for the implication of swearing and for Miroku's wandering hand...

rating: PG            genre: romance        pairings: Mir+San           

notes: written by Sanela, edited by Andrea


        Inuyasha's parents are long dead, but their story lives on.  It is a story of hope, love, joy, tragedy, and especially... compassion.

 Chapter 1 Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4
Chapter 5 Chapter 6

rating: PG            genre: romance/tragedy        pairings: Inutaisho+Izayoi           

notes: rated for mild romance and a brief, very vague, discussion about mating.  Officially canon universe, but much creative license taken in filling in the blanks. 


        Loosely based on the movie starring David Bowie.  It was just an expression... she never thought it would get her into so much trouble. 

Prologue: Because You Wished It Chapter 1: Into the Labyrinth
Chapter 2: In Case You've Forgotten Chapter 3: Dangerous Games
Chapter 4: Unlikely Hero Chapter 5: So That We Will Not Cry
Chapter 6: At Least It's a Change Chapter 7: Definitely No Pixie Dust
Chapter 8: I'm Sorry Chapter 9: Without Reason
Chapter 10: It Is My Reminder Chapter 11: Welcome to My Illusion
Chapter 12: A Room Without Shadow, A Picture Without Paint Chapter 13: If Not My Right Than Whose?
Chapter 14: That I Leave to You Epilogue: Life, Which Imitates Dreams

rating: PG            genre: romance/adventure        pairings: Kag+Inu, Mir+San           

notes: non-canon, meaning alternate universe


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